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I used Clear hi-speed for 6 months. The first 3 months the service was acceptable but not even close to what I was told to expect.I was offered a promotional package that gave me my 2nd and 3rd months service at 1/2 price. Of course, that did not happen so after 4 unreturned calls to their sales rep I called Clear and spent over 20 minutes on the phone to get the credit.

I called their support staff when I started getting REALLY slow download speeds and frequent loss of signal. Their rep told me the problem was at my end and suggested that I hang the modem in a window or in my attic like a sleeping bat. I told him for a service that had been okay for 3 months I did not see where moving the modem would help and I am not going to pay $50.00 a month for a service where I am expected to crawl around with my modem like a Gypsy on the road. I am .84 mile from their tower in a large metro area.

In short, the service did not have any redeeming features so I cancelled it. It took me 28 minutes on the phone to finally get the service cancelled with a man who had a very sexy accent but was hard for me to understand. THEN, I get a notice from Clear that my payment is past due even though they billed my credit card for a months service that I did not receive. I called about a credit for that bill and was told that once the billing is made they cannot credit it but again, after over 20 minutes on the phone with another man with a sexy accent who was also hard to understand, he said he would file a report with their SPECIAL BILLING DEPARTMENT and I would hear from them in 5 or 6 days. To top all of this off, I am being billed an early discontinuation fee.

I am aware that I signed a contract with these people that stipulated this fee but under these circumstances if they were a decent company they would have offered me an apology, refunded my last 3 months payments for a terrible service,compensated me for well over an hour of my time on the phone with them which accomplished NADA, and, if they cared at all about their customers tried to determine what went wrong with their system. I have read a number of reviews about Clear and it is apparent to me that it is not a company that you should do business with.

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