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It all started with the post cards. Every other day.

I finally gave in. That was in May 2011. Service was fine until I realized that Vonage wouldn't work with Clear. Service kept dropping the connection.

(They never told me at Clear that Vonage wouldn't work with their service; in fact when I was having problems and told them about Vonage, they said it WOULD work.) So I call Vonage and they tell me their service won't work with Clear. So, I cancel Vonage and sign up for Clear Phone. Same issues. 5 minutes of internet and then the connection drops.

Hours on the phone trying to figure out what's wrong, got nowhere. Finally decide to cancel service altogether and go back to cable internet. By this point I have spent 6 months with very spotty service. I cancel the service for good on October 23, my home phone number has been ported to my new service and I confirm that with Clear.

They confirm it has been cancelled. November 23 I get an e-mail saying they have charged my account again. I immediately call and tell them I cancelled a month ago. They say they have no record of it.

Another hour on the phone and finally they agree to cancel and that I'd have a refund of my money in 2 to 5 business days. I have a confirmation number and the name and employee number of the person who confirmed it. Today, December 3, no refund. So I call again and spend nearly an hour on the phone.

First line person would not give me a supervisor. I asked 8 times and he argued with me. Would only transfer me to cancellation department. Immediately upon getting to the cancellation department, I ask for a supervisor.

Five times until I actually got one. I have he name and employee number.

She told me she'd call me Monday to confirm the refund and cancellation. We'll see.

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