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Clear Internet has the worlds worst connections to the Internet... At first I was lead to belivie that It was not clear it was my laptop...

Now I find out it's the Motorola modem CPEi 150 series that is part of the problem... It can get a signal form the clear tower but it can't send a signal to the Clear tower. The number of times I couldn't connect to the Internet has been about 150 times since 5/24/10 till present 4/10/11. And as to there Tech support the very worst.

If they could only get a Tech that could speak English....And every time I would call there would be a different fix for the same problem.... Go to this sie to see the latest law suit against Clear.....

I think the company should change there name to Near Clear........If you are having problems with Clear Internet leave a comment.... Thanks

Monetary Loss: $500.

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