Although I have done my best to be gentle when handling Clear's modems, I have had two of them break through the course of unplugging and inserting them into my USB ports. They tell me that I'm responsible for breaking them and have to pay for new ones. They are thin, chincy, plastic pieces of *** which are made in China and cannot possibly cost more than a dollar to produce. I had to pay $100 to replace the first one and $60 to replace the second one. When I inquired about this at one of their stores, the staff admitted to me that they see "at least two or three broken devices each day". That's at least two or three unhappy customers each day at just one location, but still Clear refuses to provide replacements.

It's obvious that Clear would rather charge an unreasonably high replacement fee than provide a quality device. Based on what their store staff told me, as well as my personal experiences with these devices, I am certain that they get these complaints frequently and that their first line of defense is to blame the customer. I feel like I've been ripped off.

The device I bought today is the very last one I'm going to buy. I'm happy with Clear's internet service, but when this device breaks (and I have no reason to believe that it's going to hold up any better than the first two), I'm terminating my service with Clear and going with one of their competitors. When that time comes, Clear will not be able to say that I didn't give them a fair warning. In the meantime, no one that I know will be ordering service with Clear because I'll inform them of what to expect.

In short, Clear provides an excellent internet service but provides a *** quality modem by which to access that service. When that device breaks, they'll blame you for it and charge you an unreasonable fee to replace it. So, do NOT do business with Clear.

-Pat in Las Vegas, NV

P.S. - One other major annoyance to be aware of is the fact that their customer service department is overseas and the calls are answered by people who have very heavy accents which are difficult to understand.

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