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Door to Door salesman at 7:00 at night (Kevin Arthur) REFUSED to show identification or business card, but had an "install crew down the road" to switch me over. Told me that they "work with Time Warner & ATT".

"Several of my neighbors have already switched". "Our introductory rate is fixing to expire". I told him that we were going to cancel all of our wireless service and he made the comment that I was going to go "Caveman". This was COMEPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL.


Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Internet Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Clear Internet Will ***


I'm beginning to wonder if ISPs are becoming the new used car sales companies.

I went to to Clear Wireless Internet because I had become fed up with Comcast's financial games. What a mistake.

At the Clear store the clerk asked for my address so he could check to make sure there was sufficient signal for their service to work at my home. I was assured that there was plenty of signal and it should work fine. So I signed up for Clear service.

But when I attempted to plug it in it didn't work. So I called tech support. They checked my address and told me I lived in a low signal area. This was after approximately an hour and a half on the phone with tech support. I told the tech support representative I would have to return the modem.

But when I got o the store I was in for a surprise. First, the clerk told me they didn't make refunds. I asked what I was supposed to do with a non-functioning device and the clerk finally told me I would have to mail it in to get a refund. Since I had been told I could return the modem to the store if it wasn't satisfactory, I wasn't really happy with that news. I also wondered why the tech support rep hadn't said anything since I told him I was going to return the modem.

The clerk became quite rude and began playing intimidation games even calling mall security to have me thrown out of her store. I accused her of trying to intimidate me and she told me to shut the f--- up, then called me a f---ing a--hole. She was using this profane language with a child in the store and I told her to watch her language. She just yelled at me and told me to get out of her store.

She wasn't even going to tell me how to get my money back, where I had to write or any other information. She clearly knew she was in the wrong becuase she refused to give me her name despite the fact I asked her for it three times. She just yelled at me and told me to get the f--- out of her store.

Now you might think the story ends'd be wrong.

When I got home I called Clear customer service and was told that I'd be refunded my money with a Visa gift card. I told them I hadn't paid with Visa but that I paid cash and I wanted to be refunded with a check. Nope. They have their policy and I'd have to take a gift card.

I explained that I don't use credit cards and again asked to be refunded in cash. The rep put me on hold and said he was checking with finance. After three or four minutes he came back on and said the only way they had to refund the money was with a Visa gift card and it would take three to five weeks after I returned the modem to get the gift card.

But I was told that if I took the card to my bank they should give me cash for it. We'll see.

If you should go to this store and see a female clerk, 40-50 pounds overweight, dark complexion (East Indian or Central/South American), with a tongue piercing and nose stud, turn around a go to another Clear store. This woman is just plain nasty.

To be on the safe side, I'd check with tech support before I committed to Clear service. Obviously the clerks don't have good information. They're only interested in making the sale and if it doesn't work out it'll take a month to get a refund and then it'll be with a gift card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Internet Sales Representative.



This is the new Amerika you should apologize and smile while you are being put down and grabbed by the short hairs.


The FCC has left us with Bailed out company's and they simply don't care about anyone if there business fails they will just get some free money. We are 29th with internet penetration in the world!.

This is all Planned.


I think the government needs to step in and regulate these internet providers. They all seem to get away with some false advertising. And seem to get away with changing their policies without reasonable notice.

They advertise that we can go to youtube and download movies from sites like netflix and then when we do they throttle us to the point where you can't even check an email. It is the year 2012 who doesn't want to download full length movies?

I don't use credit or debit cards either. I miss being able to pay for a service such as a phone bill in cash at the phone company. It is getting harder and harder to pay for stuff in cash.

I thought about switching to clear. It is so hard for a customer to know what to do. All these internet providers seem to have unhappy customers.

CLEAR Internet trick methods to make me sign a 2 year contract.

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When CLEAR Internet was available in my area, I got really excited, because I wanted to kick my cable service to the curb because their high prices. I went to a CLEAR authorized dealer, and I was ready to buy a modem to get my service. I was even willing to sign a contract with them.

The sales person at the authorized retail store told me that CLEAR was giving away the modem if I signed a 2 year contract. I thought that it was a great deal since I was planning to sign a contract anyways.

When the salesman showed my the paperwork, it stated that I was leasing the modem, and I was going to have to pay $5 a month for the leasing fee. I told the salesman that the modem was NOT FREE if I was paying $5 a month for leasing it. Then he told me that CLEAR had trained him to say that we (the customers) could take the modem home FREE today if we sign a 2 year contract. And he said that he was not trained to also inform us that there was going to be the $5 fee for using their modem.

I know salespeople could be deceiving at times. I still signed up for my service with CLEAR, because I had already disconnected my service from the cable company, and I need internet for my job at home.

When I got home, I called CLEAR's customer service and told them what the salesperson had said and done. The representative apologize and said that she was going to look into it. She did not get back with me for about a month, so I called again, and again. Evreytime I called I gave them the same story. In one instance, the representative told me that they do not train their salespeople to say that.

The main thing that I wanted them to do is to not allow that "Authorized dealer" to sell CLEAR services and products anymore.

That incident was 8 months ago (Today is February 18, 2011) and that "Authorized Dealer" still in business, and selling CLEAR service and products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Internet Sales Representative.



I signed up for clear wimax with CLEAR over the phone. They did not tell me it was a 2 year agreement.

I signed up at the time I moved in my apt., so I thought their contract would end with my lease... and I am paying $5 extra leasing fee, too.

When I called them they put me on hold, and then hung up the phone. This is deceptive.

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