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First thing in the morning i get good download speed up to 6.00 mps but dont last long at all it drops to 0.60 mbps and at night is as low as 0.13 mbps thats worst than dial up. and there costumer service is just as bad you cant barley understand them and they tell me its nothen they can do about it because they claim its to many people connecting to the tower .

i been with them for 3 years and never had this problem. im done with Clear very upset yes its cheaper than Comcast but you get what you pay for and with clear you get slow download and upload speed and bad costumer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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I was going to try Clear, but after reading these reviews, ummm. ..NOT!!!

Rochester, New York, United States #825908

Ever since Clear was taken over by Sprint everything has been flushed down the toilet.

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