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Unbelivable!!! Clear is outright cheating american consumers!

I was shocked when i was informed a week ago that the charges are going to be increased and that the current amount was apromotional offer set to expire thying iis week end. I had contacted CLEAR Wireless the first week to cancel the service because it was apparent that the service was no worth the cost. I was offered a lower rate and asked to stick with the service. The lower rate offered seamed more resonable for the service offered. Now a couple of months down they send me an automatic email stating that the cost is reverting to the initial price.

ITS A SIMPLE POINT the amount being cheated for is 10 dollers a month if they do to all their customers the figure might be huge, but not many consumers would bother to go legaly because the amount involved is small. Oh I forgot to mention I tried to find a resolution with their customer support just to be transfered here and there with no result.

BUT CLEAR is not getting away this time. I Subscribe to an excellent legal service. They will hear from me soon, I hope each and every customer should seek legal help when it comes to ruthless companys like CLEAR which seems to have made their policy to *** Customer!

Original review posted by user Jan 02, 2012

Experts in providing intermitent internet service. Lodged multiple complaints with the service team with no resolutions. The do everything to get you into a contract and you will end with their sick internet connection. MY ADVICE.......STAY AWAY!! from CLEAR 4g wireless.

Do not get into a contract, they provide awsome service during the first 30 days of service which is the no obligation cancellation period.

CLEAR is out there to cheat you outright! dont belive one word they advertize.

they have a wonderful chat support team who will keep asking you to restart the modem every time you contact them with a complaind wihich never resolves the problem!!

Monetary Loss: $32.

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York, Pennsylvania, United States #1266199

"they have a wonderful chat support team who will keep asking you to restart the modem every time you contact them with a complained which never resolves the problem!!"

I swear I literally laughed out loud at this because this is what their response was every *** time I called them complaining about the *** connection that I seemed to get most of the time! This or unplug the modem and then plug it back in ***. lol


Just got told that im getting terminated because I use too much bandwidth and its interfering with other customers in the area. How can that be when I can barely get on myself half the time because of signal issues.

My tower is 100 yards from my house and I still have sucky signal. So they're just gonna terminate me cuz I use my internet? Makes no sense at all.

I've been using 10gb a day so they say for the past month but I was using it more than that last year when I got the service. *** CLEAR!!!

to b York, Pennsylvania, United States #1266193

Yeah I completely agree with this, Clear is such ***, I do not miss their *** service lol.


hey they have set up a customer complaints resolution system now...the top guy there is Geoff Levy he fixes complaints and his details are also available on the clear site. their chat support goes to philipnes and they have a process no this guy is your best bet! enjoy


Clear Internet is the absolute worst POS in the IPS industry.

First, I went into the store and was told I lived in an area with excellent signal, I'd easily get 15 or 16 mb downloads. Then when I got the modem home there wasn't even sufficient signal to connect to the Internet.

I took the modem back to the store, as the clerk had told me to do if it didn't work. A different clerk told me they didn't make refunds. This naturally made me a bit hot under the collar and when I asked what I was supposed to do with a service that didn't work she called mall security and ask that I be removed from "her" store.

I was also told the shut the f--k up and called a f--kin' a--hole. She tell yelled at me to get the f--k out of "her" store.

I called customer service and was given a whole you should stay with us routine and a whole passle of information was collected. then I was told I'd have to speak to a cancellation representative. After several minutes on hold the cancellation representative came on, put me through the stay with us routine again, collected the information again and told me I'd be refunded with a Visa gift card. I explained that I had paid cash, that I don't use cards and wanted to be refunded with a check.

I was put on hold again for several minutes while the rep "checked" with finance to see if I could be sent a check. He came back on and said their policy was to refund with the gift card but that i should eb able to get cash for the card at my bank.

So now, I have to box up the modem and take it to the post office and then if they refund me I will have to take the gift card to my bank and try to get cash for it.

I have had gift cards in the past and you had to pick a"gift" from a very slim catalog. They swear this isn't that type of card but I have trouble believing them.

Stay away from clear, they are worse than even Comcast.


Some advice for people looking for Internet Service. DO NOT use CLEAR Internet.

Since I was with Geek Squad we were able to test it for $19 a month, regular $34.95. Every time the weather was bad the Internet did not work. Winter and spring it is just not usable. Maybe that is why they are called Clear, but the sky has to be clear for it to work!

They would also reset the IP twice a day, taking about 30 min each time, during peek traffic times. The service never worked very well, even on clear days, and never reached very good speeds even though I could see their tower. I had direct line of sight, which should be perfect. Their service just sucks!

Their customer service sucks even more. I cancelled their service in Nov 2011. I could not get them to stop charging my credit card until May 2012. Luckly, I had my cancel confirmation and my credit card back charged all the charges.

They called me everyday to resign up.

Today, I received a collection notice for my June/July service, plus service fees of $82.00. What desperate ***!!


I'm on board with this law suit lets do it!!


CLEAR setup the account at $25 per month not telling me that it would go to $45 per month.Then hits me with a late fee of $25 then drops the late fee and says they did not agree to any of that.This is calling the customer a liar NOT GOOD CLEAR.I purchased the modem new as-well full price so what a scam.I am going to Xfinity internet/cable which is much better.Then I am going to set this modem on FIRE and post it on YouTube and on Face Book as-well.


I ordered the service and found it too be extremely slow if I could even get the signal. I called in to cancel my service and it wasn't canceled.

I called back. If it isn't canceled this time, I'm going to call my credit card company and report it as fraud.

Stay clear of Clear is a good motto. How frustrating.


for the past 3 days my download speed has dropped to .10 mbps, and upload isnt much better. Clear tech support said it was tower congestion and I shouldnt stream videos or skype.


and I pay for the premium service. AVOID CLEAR INTERNET


paying for services in Grand Rapids, MI. HAd good service/connectivity during trial period, then spent months phoning or chatting, no resolution, just a bunch of I'm sorry.

of 10 connectivity dots, i usually get 2 or 3.

All the do well is charge me a monthly fee, and for equipment i returned. Just a bunch of cheats and liars.


I'm getting ready to sign up for the Civil Action Law suit, I've been a customer of Clear Wireless for almost a year now, Usually I make about 4 to 6 calls per week complaints for slow speeds (1.05 mbps Download speeds) on avg. when it's suppose to be between 4 to 6 mbps, I upgraded to higher speeds and been paying my money each month for services they are not rendering, When I call they tell me the same thing, Unplug your Modem, Someone may have Hacked you, Your being put on the list to moderate your usage (2 hrs.) But the secuirty on my Modem is extremely secure, I unplug my Modem overnight each time, And I hardly use the crappy service, NO MORE EXCUSES! They are soo full of it, Taking Peoples money for services they're not providing, Thats straight up robbery, THEY HAVE TO BE STOPPED NOW!!

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