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  • Jul 22
  • Internet
  • Bad Service
  • 29

My service was ok @ 1st....Suddenly you started to hear more and more about Sprint moving in on the block and service has gotten progressively horrible. I am so tired of my streaming movies being cut off, my apple tv and smart devices are all but useless..Of course they now tell me that if I spend more money they can fix everything...Did I mention they just raised my monthly bill by $5 not 2,3... Read more

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  • Jul 22
  • Internet
  • Service Disconnection
  • 7

I live in the area of massachusetts and had horrible experiences trying to get my internet back to work, its been 4 days since they said there was 6 antennas down ans it wouls be back working from 2 to 24 hours and that was said 4 days ago, everyday i call and get thesame very tired of this!!! srew clear!!! im disconnecting my service and will tey to get my money back for the days it... Read more

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  • Jul 17
  • Internet
  • Bad Customer Service
  • 11

HORRIBLE customer service at " Clear internet customer care " several times over! Whether it be via chat or telephone call. Also bad billing, too. When I could no longer put up with it I tried canceling the Clear service but Clear internet would not cancel no matter how I tried. I had to try 4 ways to cancel before I think I might have succeeded, … and lots of time spent on hold plus arguing, yes... Read more

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I agree with everything that has been negatively said about Clear internet. It is horrible. I have had the worse experience with them. The customer service is terrible, nor do they care. It is criminal they way this company conducts their business and service. Add comment

  • Jul 08
  • Internet
  • Hartford, Connecticut
  • Wireless Internet Service
  • 17

Constant Buffering going on. Very Slow erratic Upload and Download speed. Expensive equipment. Little or no Technical Support Terrible customer support. Service fails when it rains, snows or the wind blows. Poor erratic weak unstable 4G signal strength. Will not work with VOIP telephone Services, Upload speed is only 250 KBPS. Customer Service consists a very long wait followed by of a bunch of... Read more

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  • Jun 29
  • Media
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Service Cancellation
  • 19

I called clear today to verify why my bill doubled for what was already very crappy service. They wanted me to go through another round with their technicians to find out why the service was so slow. I've also been getting unsafe network notices through my virus guard software. My INTERNET buffers on almost every page and So I called to cancel and they wanted me to talk to a technician. As... Read more

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The WORST internet service I've ever paid for. Most days, it literally won't even connect at all. For the last month, I've had to use the personal hotspot from my iphone to get any service so they are basically robbing me and my family of $54 a month. Absolute garbage. Add comment

  • Jun 19
  • Internet
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Customer Support
  • 25

DO NOT get Clearwire. I live outside of Reno, NV and it was one of the very few options available out here. We subscribed to Clearwire before it was outsourced and before it merged with Sprint. Back then, it was decent and customer support was here locally. Nowadays, it is a major headache. Our signal stability is very poor, and it goes down roughly 15 times a day. I must constantly unplug the... Read more

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  • Jun 06
  • Internet
  • Doylestown, Pennsylvania
  • Double Billing
  • 1
  • 11

Clear internet has been DOUBLE billing both me and another under the same account. called them to straighten out and they just hang up on you! Read more

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  • May 31
  • Internet
  • Palatine, Illinois
  • Interent
  • 14

I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago and at first I experienced few problems. Now, I lose connection so often and it is very annoying. I will be stuck with it for the next few months until I move. I would strong caution anyone from subscribing to this service. I also thought I would have a locked in rate that has now increased without warning, and since the increase, the connection seems to be... Read more

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