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I'm new at the hotspot finishing but it's saying my hotspot isn't working where do I pay at Add comment

does clear still have internet service still sale thier porducts Add comment

Longtime loyal and satisfied customer in Kuna. I have had Clear Internet for years, since it first became available in Kuna Idaho. Close to 10 years! Never had a problem with service or billing. Have been on auto pay the entire time. The one time my modem malfunctioned several years ago they replaced it promptly. Love the speed, unlimited service and monthly cost. Going to miss it. Having a hard time finding another comparable internet... Read more

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You are so right. I have used my credit card number for a ONE TIME payment, and then at first they weren't able to process payment, because I didn't plan to continue using the service since it will be off permanently starting the sixth of this month, which was yesterday. On October 30, they STOLE (I did not authorize payment from a credit card I had used for a ONE TIME payment the previous month)$12.42 and I had the displeasure of contacting... Read more

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I had Clear for over 5 yrs. There were outages and slow speed but sometimes. Now that they are out of business, my service stopped 9/15 and I was still being billed til 11/15. I had to call for a refund to be told that they no longer issue refunds and that I showed no service available since 9/15 and my next payment was due. I canceled service and did not recieve a refund. I had to dispute the charges thru my bank. Read more

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Omg! Same situation here. I had Lear for 3 years now and come to find out just recently they are shutting towers down. I'm soo very sad. I called customer service, they told me that, I use an average of 300 gigabytes of data monthly. There are 9 members from my family in my house hold and we all 9members use the hub for homework, work, play, watch movies, ect..... I called 4 different providers, and NONE offer a deal like clear. I found time... Read more

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I had clear internet since 2012 and never had any issues until mid august, i use it for school as well as my work which was affected significantly. I called many many times and what angered me the most is their denial stating that everything works just fine. They cost me so much money where i missed important working days that i had to utilize my PTO to cover for and eventually ran out of. Not to mentioA very angry boss. Can i sue these people? Read more

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Yes we all have our good reasons too hate sprint, now as specially clear wire as I had them from when they first started up there service and now they go and betrayed us all, and that's why I'll never use sprint. Add comment

CLEAR cancelled our internet service, scheduled to be 11/6/15. As of the beginning of October, our service significantly depleted. I had to find an alternative as CLEAR said that "we still had service" (no matter how poorly). However, as of 10/9/15, CLEAR had no problem charging our credit card on file. Also, on the automatically-generated email regarding our processed payment, the email notes "Your next monthly recurring payment date for... Read more

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I've had Clear for years, and like most here the service (connection) changed after the announcement about its shutdown. Some service, no service, tech issues have become a norm! I was told my modem was bad, send $100 for a new why, why, service will be down in a month! I can't change providers until I move, I think Clear/Sprint should issue rebate/ refund checks to all who remained customers after the announcement, for the loss of service... Read more

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